Excavate Subconcious

Original Tracks by Edan (aka Edan Everywhere) & Carlo (aka Carlo Del) - The latest from production duo Edan Everywhere & Carlo Del

“EXCAVATE SUBCONCIOUS”, Edan and Carlo’s new dark tech-house mover, showcases their signature style of tribal, tech and straight funk.  This track’s dirty and darker feel creates moody contrast to their last collaboration, “I So Well”, set to be released in April ’04 on Listen to Reason Records.

Check out what these dj’s and producers had to say:

  • "This is a subtle and groovy track.  I like everything that is in it...."  (Mazi // Gourmet Recordings)

  • “The track's wicked - real scary sounding - pure halloween bass!”  (Tyler Staduis // Fabric UK)

  • “Lovin' the track!  Deep, trippy and funky all in one.. The nu-school speed garage bass that comes in and out through the track really makes it.. Will play this weekend.  Keep up the great work!!  (Ty Tek // Dirty Blue Records)

  • "Nice track......The percussion and the bassline are great." (Justin Johnson // Kingsize USA)

  • "Dope track! I like it a lot, much different vibe than I So Well.." (Chris Udoh // Oblong, Worship, Listen To Reason)

  • "Thoughtful and complex, ideal for late night dancefloors"  (Tom Baker // Wiggle UK)
"I want to bring music to people who might generally think they don't like "tech-house", and make them witness the power of the deeper percussive side of electronic music. Make them feel the power of the primal, underground tribal sound."

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