I So Well


Original Tracks by Edan (aka Edan Everywhere) & Carlo (aka Carlo Del) -
"I SO WELL" will be released worldwide March'04 on Listen to Reason Records!

Check out these comments on I So Well...

  • "I So Well" has been charted #12 by CHRIS UDOH (Tigerhook) and #19 by TYLER STADIUS (Fabric // UK)! +

  • "Nice solid tribal/percussivey stuff that could sit along side Peace Division...I'd def drop it in a housier part of a set." (Bryan Zentz // Disruptor, Intec, Soma, Primate)

  • "Great track! I'll play that for sure. When's it on wax?" (Tyler Stadius // Fabric UK, Deepen, Vancouver)

  • "...Sounds dope!" (Saeed //Addictive Records) "

  • "...Very west coast sounding. Great Production!" (Scott Henry //Buzzlife)

  • "Nice tribal moving Choon. Looking forward to the release big up's!" (Chris Udoh // Tigerhook Corp., Philly)

  • "Cool track of nice intelligent house." (Justin  Johnson - Kingsize USA)
"I want to bring music to people who might generally think they don't like "tech-house", and make them witness the power of the deeper percussive side of electronic music. Make them feel the power of the primal, underground tribal sound."

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